Jennie Hart - lifestyle

When you’re searching the web to choose a photographer – it’s not really the photographer that you want – it’s the photograph. And Jennie really understands this.

She listens to you: creating unique and personal images; capturing your very special moments with sensitive, natural and timeless pictures; celebrating your family and life.

Her portfolio shows whether it’s the perfect wedding day, special birthday or anniversary party, intimate family portrait, your newborn baby or your children at play – Jennie captures that tingle moment which will invoke joy,laughter and memories for years to come.

Her signature is light: early morning light; sunlight; dappled light through the trees; the light in your eyes and the light in your smile.

It’s a bonus that a shoot with Jennie is also sensitive, instinctive, relaxed and fun! You won’t be disappointed – you always knew you could look this good!